Monday, May 10, 2004

first post

For about a week i have been looking for a place where i can jot down my thoughts or whatever cuz i dunno..iv had alot on my mind i guess or maybe i just have no life and i felt like sharing that i have no life with you guys...yeah anyways this is my first post and im just gonna...i dont know...hmm..

well today i woke up at 11:11AM and i got ready for school even though i didntwant to go cuz iv been feeling real bad lately and id rather not say why..but some of you might know,if you know what happend between me and someone over the weekend...yeah...i found out some horrible shit and i was hurt...i think i still am a little hurt by what that person did to me but it doznt matter cuz im starting to feel better and we worked things out =).well yeah i got dressed did my shit and grabbed my cd player,gameboy and sure as hell aint gonna work so i need my music and entertainment while i pretend to be looking in my bookbag for my homework which is "somewhere inside my bookbag i just cant find it"

anyways i got to school and it was already 5th period i was bored out of my mind and i was missing my love =( i want to see her already its driving me crazy...i need one of her hugs and kisses =) i cant wait till i see her.hopefully sometime b4 friday..yeah..

ok so after 5th period ended i ran to the cart i alwasy buy my food from i was first there and i was starving my ass off,i bought my pizza and iced tea and walked my happy lil ass to my table to pig out talked to erin aimie and who ever else sits there lol dunt remember there names =P all i know is that they have been good friends since the begining of the year to me

so yeah then i went to 6th played my gameboy got an airhead from gion and walked to the bus and while im getting on the bus my bus driver i guess has seen me talking to my friend janice which is liek this heavy metal goth chick or what ever and sees my ripped pants n she says to me"hey your not turning into one of those gothic people are you" and im like"" and shes like" oh cuz i see your ripped pants and your bracelet" i was like.."dont stereotype me" and shes like "i was about to start praying for you" i was like..."*whispers under breath*BLACK STEREOTYPING BITCH" im not racist its just something i said...well yeah and then i noticed all the seats were takin toi had to sit in the near back of the bus near the little group of homie gs and it was fuking horrible they almost started fighting over someones fucking opinion on some chicks "ghetto fat ass" i felt liek telling them all to shut the fuck up but what the hell am i gonna do when they all wanna jump me afterwards? heh...yeah so i just ignored em..i got home...called my love she had to eat so she left me bored ='( well was a tragedy but il get over it lol..oh and then i watched a kick ass movie with my dad and then he fell asleep so i was like...*turns off tv,sneaks out of room...* and felt like looking for a place to write stuff since im bored...i searched,found,now im using it...oh listining tonirvana while typing this...that band kicks ass...SHIT...i typed apologies to those who think this is boring as can suck my ass =) see yah later fuckers I LOVE ADRI =D